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For any questions related to Mi'kmaw Education Services, please contact Miranda GouldCoordinator of Mi'kmaw Education Services, 902-625-7083.

In 2015, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia and the Province of Nova Scotia, creating a partnership called Treaty Education Nova Scotia.

“Treaty Education” refers to the development and implementation of a greater understanding of the inherent aboriginal rights of the Mi’kmaq and the shared treaties as both historical and living agreements that articulate ongoing rights and responsibilities and have ongoing implications.  It refers to the education of all citizens of Nova Scotia about the existence of the treaties, about their importance as the foundation of relationship-building between Mi’kmaq and all other Nova Scotians, and about their value to Nova Scotia’s society as it relates to the expression of Mi’kmaq traditions, culture, and heritage, in both historical and contemporary contexts.

The Treaty Education framework is intended to provide direction for the meaningful integration of Treaty Education into Nova Scotia curricula.  This framework includes four main aspect - the Mi’kmaq, Treaties, Relationships, and Reconciliation - and asks a key question for each:

  • Who are the Mi’kmaq, historically and today?
  • What are treaties and why are they important?
  • What has happened to the treaty relationship in Nova Scotia?
  • What are we doing to reconcile differing views about our shared history to enable justice and equity?

The use of this framework to meaningfully integrate Treaty Education into the P-12 curricula will create students who, upon graduation will:

• understand who the Mi’kmaq are both historically and contemporarily, by having explored Mi’kmaw identity which includes language, ceremonies, worldview, and relationship to ecosystem.

• appreciate the sacred covenants between sovereign nations and that the peace and friendship treaties were the building blocks for creating harmony and co-existence in Mi’kma’ki.

• understand how the denial of treaties has impacted the Mi’kmaq socially, culturally, economically, and politically. Students will have also learned about how the Mi’kmaq have persevered to reclaim their rights through litigation and negotiation.

• understand the importance of reconciliation and continue to explore how we can reconcile our shared history to ensure justice and equality moving forward.

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